Male Waxing

Here at Naomi’s Waxing we are all about everyone everywhere feeling confident in their look and that includes our gentlemen clientele. We offer a variety of waxing hair removal services tailored just for men.

Whether you want male waxing for your shoulders, chest, or back, Naomi’s Waxing can help. We even offer ‘Brozilian’ waxing services. Many of our male clients enjoy such services as full body waxing or a leg wax to remove the areas of thickest hair growth. Our facial waxing focuses on delicate areas that may be a touch more sensitive than the back, legs, and shoulders.

All of our body wax uses wax with strips with a special oil to accompany on the skin, so it is virtually painless and removes hair with as little irritation as possible. Once we are done with the wax, we will apply essential oils and lotions to soothe the skin and help it heal.

Our comprehensive waxing services are sure to please whether you would like a full body wax or one of our other treatments, stop by Naomi’s Waxing in North Vancouver, BC or call +1 (604) 338-4213 today!